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Terra Petra Gardens is a full-service landscape construction and maintenance business.


yard care

Mowing lawns, pruning bushes and gathering up fallen leaves and yard debris is how we got our start. And today, almost 30 years later, we still perform regularly schedule garden care for many of our East Bay clients. If noise and global warning are among your concerns, just ask us in advance to leave our leaf blowers in the truck and use our rakes instead – and we’re more than happy to comply.

High Quality Tree Care

One of the most important features of East Bay gardens is the presence, size and diversity of our tree population. We absolutely love working with trees – whether it be properly deploying the roots of a new sapling, training the branches of a fast-growing adolescent or pruning the limbs of a mature, trophy specimen. Japanese maples, California Oaks, Redwood trees, Olives, Cypresses, Flowering plums or fruit trees – for whatever grows in your garden, we promise aesthetic pruning and quality care that will preserve the health and beauty of your landscape both now and in the future.

Hardscape Projects

If you are installing a garden for the first time, or remodeling an existing landscape, we can also help you with the non-living elements of your project. Irrigation and lighting systems, stone pathways and patios, retaining walls, concrete driveways and wooden fences and planter boxes are just a few examples of the projects that we execute as part of our full-service operations.

Creative Landscaping Solutions
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